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Project Description
Intuitive SharePoint 2013 Content Database Management tools for Central Administration.

SharePoint Content Database Manager is a project started from the basic premise of filling gaps in OOTB functionality. While PowerShell is a great option for taking inventory of a content database to identify which site collections are stored in the database, that functionality is not available in Central Administration. Additionally, to move a site collection to a new Content Database you must also use PowerShell. Realizing that not all SharePoint Administrators wish to use PowerShell for these tasks, SharePoint Content Database Manager (SPCDM) was born.

What it does

SPCDM provides SharePoint Administrators the ability to view site collections in a content database via an intuitive grid-view, which is sortable and features pagination for content databases containing more than thirty (30) site collections.

In addition to the view functionality, SPCDM provides a custom application page for moving a site collection to a new content database. This page provides some error checking to ensure that the destination content database has the capacity to store 1 more site collection, and that you're not attempting to move the site into the same content database.

Note: This project is very much a beta. While I think it looks and works well, it has not been tested in a production environment.

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